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Small 3 ring binders

Ordering online is so much easier than trying to brave the crowds day in and day out. Here’s the scoop: the kids are heading back to school and every parent on the planet has procrastinated buying all those pesky school supplies until the moment your client walks out of the house to shop for the same items. Their list consists of three ring binders, pens and pencils, spiral binder rings, spiral notebook graph paper, small binder rings, a notebook, and this year they added a new one: printable sticker labels. Then, of course, there is the issue of how much they will end up spending. Picture this; a rushed mom is in a store with 32 other frazzled parents looking for a specific protractor she is fairly sure that her child is going to lose within the first three and a half days of school. Finally, she reaches the stand where they are being displayed and reaches out to grab what she needs, intending to flee the store directly after paying but the dollar protractors are gone. The two dollar protractors are gone. The only ones left are the fancy ones at five dollars and up. She sighs and grabs a protractor off the shelf and spends four dollars more than she originally wanted to. Now, imagine this happening at almost every store she visits. Shopping trends report of back to school spending state that the average amount spent on school supplies for one child beginning in kindergarten all the way through to 12th grade is approximately 700 dollars. I do not know about you but this sounds like an absolutely nightmare to me! Now, picture this mom, finding out that supplies can be sent to her! That will absolutely make her day and she will love you forever.

This is where we come in. We can provide you with all the shipping and mailing supplies that you will ever need.

Some perks of doing business with us: we WANT to talk to our customers. We LIKE our customers. We do not use computers, voice mails, robots or machines; we do not even like them. Every time you call us, you will get a real living and breathing human on the other end of the line, eager to help you out.

Remember my scenario of the stores? Well, because of things like that we now understand why more than a third of parents and guardians shopping to back to school supplies like those printable sticker labels and notebooks, plan to do most of the shopping online this year.

If you need to send out a small set up of supplies that requires only an envelope and some stuffing or maybe you are sending out a pile of books that need bubble mailers, we can do it all! Just give us all a call and put in your order. Remember, we will actually talk to you, not send you off to a robot. And don’t forget to add in the printable sticker labels, schools seem to be really in to them this year.

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