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What To Expect When Becoming A Sales Representative

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A career in sales requires a certain level of backbone. After all, as much as a sales job rewards, with competitive base salaries that’s even better after commissions, it isn’t the simplest job to deal with. The average sales job comes with dozens of rejections, and a good salesperson has to know how to go beyond this … alarmingly, one “no” will make 44% of salespeople stop selling. This is detrimental to companies dependent on sales reps, which is why many have turned to sales staffing agencies to find new employees. There’s a lot to think about when hiring a new salesperson.

A Salesperson’s Performance Correlates Directly To Profits

A salesperson’s job is, by definition, to bring money to the company by which they are employed. Sales people may be looking out for themselves first and foremost, but first they need make that sale and fulfill their obligation to their employees. A sales hiring mistake can be hugely expensive … 6 to 10 times that salesperson’s starting salary. Sales staffing agencies ensure that their clients get the right sales people; that is, people that are highly trained, motivated, and professional.

Sales People Need To Be Persistent

Sales jobs can be awkward for some personalities, as it can involve being persistent and chasing a sale even after an initial “no”. Even 63% of potential customers that ask after the salesperson’s company waits 3 months to purchase on average. A whole 20% take 12 months to buy, so it’s important that the salesperson remains determined and patient, unwilling to give up.

Sales Is A Social Job

While it’s true that sales reps have to have a certain amount of professional training, sales is not a field in which experience is necessarily the most important factor. As long as other sales reps exist and can do some individual training, new reps should be good to go … as long as they have the social skills necessary. As sales is about making the client trust you, a sales career requires an easy touch and personable but professional impression. Sales staffing agencies look for people with the right personality just as much as they look for people with the right resume.

As Technology Marches Forward, So Does Sales

Nonetheless, sales recruiters also take note of whether or not potential candidates can handle technology. Many companies deal with software these days, and sales reps must have at least a familiarity with technology. Some sales recruitment firms will turn down potential candidates if they’re completely unused to using software technology, so it’s good to have at least a working knowledge.

Again, sales can be challenging. But it can also be hugely rewarding, and with the help of sales staffing agencies, companies can find great, motivated sales reps that are ready to go.

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