When Was the Last Time Your Building’s Fire Alarm System Was Tested?

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There are so many things in our lives that we simply take for granted. When we go to the grocery store, for instance, we expect that we will be able to purchase healthy food. When we get in our car and drive to work, we expect that the other drivers on the road our licensed and insured. When we visit a huge public space or go to work in a large office building, we assume that someone has taken the time to oversee the necessary fire alarm installation.

Unfortunately, there are times when he assumptions that we have are simply not enough protection. We turn on the television and hear about a recall on a type of prepackaged lettuce that has made people across the country ill. We find out that a close friend or relative has been seriously injured in a car accident involving a driver with a suspended license and no insurance. Less frequently, but perhaps even more devastating, we read online updates about deaths in a building that caught on fire and was not up to code when it comes to the latest fire alarm systems. It is at these moments when we fear that we should not take anything for granted, and be thankful every day for the government regulations and personnel who work to keep us save in the lives that we live.

Fire Alarm Installation Plays an Important Role in the Safety of Our Work Places
Employers owe their employees a significant amount of care. And while there are many benefits that employers offer, it is also important that a work space is as save as possible. For this reason, there are very specific fire codes that are enforced before a building can ever open, as well as required inspections as the years go by. In addition to work places, of course, there are also fire safety measures that are required at hospitals, school, and government offices. In all of these spaces, fire alarm services provide a way to make sure that buildings are adequately protected from any fire threat. And while small problems cannot be completely avoided, with the designated fire alarm installation, as well as fire sprinkler systems, many fires in public spaces can be contained and extinguished.

Consider some of these specific requirements that are enforced in buildings and other public spaces to keep the threat of fire as limited as possible, as well as information about how effective these measures are:

  • Non-chemical suppression systems operate effectively 96% of the time in commercial areas with large oven ranges.
  • An early warning fire detection (EWFD) system is required for small data centers that are below 2,500 square feet.
  • Kitchen safety is especially important because confined cooking fires alone account for 55% of medical facility fires.
  • Hotel and motel fires cause an estimated 15 deaths and 150 injuries every year.
  • In addition, hotel and motel fires result in $76 million in property loss every year.
  • Fires in warehouse properties have declined substantially over the past 30 years, from 4,700 in the year 1980 to 1,200 in the year 2011.

Although there are many things that we take for granted in our lives today, it is important to realize that there is a system in place to make sure that the buildings where we work and live are safe from the threat of fire.

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