The Power of Display Stands and Signs

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All businesses, big and small alike, are in need of advertising campaigns to promote their brand, products, and services to all intended consumers. Most often, a business will have both an online marketing campaign, and physical signs and displays for people to see in person. The Internet has not made digital signage or custom retail displays redundant; after all, while most Americans use the Internet, but they still go outside every day for business or pleasure. Out there, these people will see digital signage, brochure display racks, billboards, and more. And inside a store, they may see a floor sign holder, deli display stands, price tags, and more. All of this may be effective at bringing customers into a store and convincing them to make a purchase.

The Power of Signs

While a company will hire web designers and social media experts for its online campaign, a business will also set up signs and other physical displays in the area for consumers to see. Many studies and a lot of research is done every year to figure out new and more effective advertising methods, and the numbers show that signs (such as digital signage) are as potent as ever. For example, a typical business may have close to 85% of its intended consumers living within just a five-mile radius of the premises, which is quite dense. Therefore, signs placed in that area will be highly efficient in promoting the brand to those consumers, and a typical person may see that brand name up to 50 or 60 times per week. What is more, estimates say that the value of on-site signage, such as digital signage, is similar to that of 24 full-page newspaper ads per year.

On top of all that, many consumer surveys show that many consumers only discover a business, and go onside, because they saw a sign for it. But it is not enough for that sign to just be visible; customers must like what they see. Consumer surveys also show that most consumers believe a sign’s quality and personality will match that of the business that owns it. An attractive, well-made sign with a clear message may make viewers confident that the business is friendly and offers quality goods or services, so those customers may visit. By contrast, an ugly, shoddy, or confusing sign may make a poor impression, and very few customers may visit. If the business can’t even be bothered to make a good sign, how will it provide good service?

Varieties of Signs

There is more than one way to make a sign, and now in the 2010s, the options are more varied than ever. Some signs are made of a combination of plastic, wood, and/or metal, and they may be used for businesses typically open during the day. These signs may be placed right over the business’s front door, such as in a strip mall, or they may be a board placed on the roof. Some businesses, such as fast food restaurants and auto shops, even place their sign on top of a very tall pole, visible from a great distance.

Some signs have lights or electronic screens to make themselves even more visible, especially in low light levels or during rain. Businesses that are open both day and night may have a plastic sign with lights inside, and at night, those lights turn on to make the sign easily visible. This may also signal that the business is open, as those lights will be turned off while the business is closed.

Some signs are in fact digital signage, and these signs can be programmed to have nearly any visual in them, depending on need. These visuals are often animated too, making them easy to see and taking full advantage of digital signage technology. These digital signs and neon sign are often used by businesses that are open at night, such as bars, nightclubs, and movie theaters. Businesses such as these get most of their traffic at night, so naturally, they must be easily visible and appeal to customers during night. Such signs are typically turned off at night to save electricity, and these establishments typically get much less business during the day, anyway.

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