Why Custom Signs Are a Highly Effective Branding and Advertising Tool

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Most business owners don’t think of signs as branding and marketing tools, but in many ways they work better than conventional advertising. Signs are typically used to highlight the location of a business, but they also help to communicate with customers and to draw in passers-by. Custom signage serves multiple functions, and can help improve the visibility of your brand and products.

Signs are branding and advertising tools
Yes, people do notice signs. Even though we’ve come to believe that everyone lives with their eyes fixed to a small electronic device, the truth is that signs still attract attention. In fact, the great majority of Americans, or 79%, not only notice signs but also remember businesses because of those signs. Business signs can be especially important for startups, and attract as many as 50% of their new customers.
Signs are an opportunity for a business or organization like a school, church or medical facility to communicate with its audience. Most businesses continue to treat signage in a purely utilitarian fashion, to serve only as guideposts to identify locations. Signs however carry other messages besides a physical address, and these can be shaped to benefit your business.

Using custom signs to communicate with customers
The quality and design of a custom sign can tell customers a great deal about the business. In fact, as many as 79% of customers feel that commercial signs can tell them a lot about the businesses, including whether or not to try their products. The reverse is also true, and as many as 60% of customers will not enter a business without clear signage. The logo, text and design all help to identify a business and to form customer opinions about it.
Commercial signage is an opportunity for a business to communicate with customers, to tell them about its products, values and brand. It’s an unconventional style of advertising, but much more effective than conventional ads. In fact, the value of a custom sign onsite is greater than full page ads in a newspaper run twice a month for a whole year. This makes custom signage one of the most effective and cost-efficient forms of advertising.

Reaching new customers through high quality signs
Custom signs onsite help customers find you more easily. They are also highly effective in pulling in new customers. People who live in the area will walk or drive past twice a day, almost every day of the week. Further, people move all the time, and signs help to attract new residents in the area. Greater visibility also attracts more customers, and lighted LED signs have a discernible impact.
A vast majority, or 83% of businesses that installed LED signs report an increase in sales afterwards. People don’t just remember signs, they talk to friends, neighbors, relatives and colleagues about memorable signs and the businesses they are advertising. Though they are underrated as branding and advertising tools, signs can add as much as an additional 75% to your customer base and referrals.

Onsite custom signs serve many functions, and help businesses to communicate with customers at many different levels. They can be a highly effective advertising tool, pulling in new customers and establishing your brand identity.

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