Why Packaging Matters More Than Ever

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From paper coffee bags to vegetable and fruit packaging to printed vacuum pouches, packaging for food products and other such products comes in many different shapes and sizes. Among the various types of packaging that you’ll see at any given supermarket or grocery store, there is a tremendous amount of diversity and variety. And this is hugely important indeed, as all of these different types of packaging, from the printed vacuum pouches to the protein powder bags to even the spice packaging, is competing for your attention. With as many as 20,000 products found in just one supermarket or grocery store alone, it is clear that the competition can be steep, as just walking into a grocery store can quickly pull your attention in a number of different directions.

For one thing, high quality packaging like printed vacuum pouches and the like can really help you to go the extra mile with your customers. In fact, high quality packaging is even important when it comes to e-commerce and online shopping, which has been growing quite tremendously over the course of recent years. When it comes to online shoppers, up to half of them, if not slightly more than half, will be interested in purchasing something again from a brand that uses high quality premium packaging. And just paying a bit more attention and giving a bit more care to packaging and how it looks and what its made from, be it in regards to printed vacuum pouches or resealable pouches, can actually increase overall consumer interest for the brand by as much as very nearly one third.

But, from printed vacuum pouches to tea packaging to valve sealed bags and the like, it’s not just the actual quality of the packaging that matters – as important of a role as quality certainly does play. The actual content that is printed on the packaging is also quite critical. After all, more than 60% of all people who buy such products will read each and every food product that they pick up, making the information that is given on this food packaging all the more important. And such information can certainly encompass a large spectrum of things. For instance, all food products should contain both nutrition information as well as ingredient listings, both of which can help people, especially those who have allergies or dietary restrictions, to pick the products that are right for them. In addition to this, organic food packaging will want to label itself as such, as many people are looking to buy exclusively organic products for a wide range of reasons. Even labeling things as having recyclable or compostable packaging is something that is likely to bring in a good number of customers.

Finally, how visually interesting and eye catching any given packaging is also really matters – even for packaging like printed vacuum pouches and other similar types of packaging. In fact, having visually interesting packaging could even help to spread the word about your brand and product, especially in today’s day and age. This is due to the fact that recent research into the subject has discovered that as many as 40% of all consumers, at least here in the United States, will share interesting packaging on various social media platforms – perhaps even more than one. This is great for drawing in even more customers than would have ever been possible to reach and target before and is therefore a valuable way of marketing that should not be overlooked.

At the end of the day, packaging has long been important to consumption here in the United States. From the quality of the packaging to its design to the information that it contains, packaging conveys a lot of important information to consumers all throughout the country, both on online platforms as well as in brick and mortar stores. At the end of the day, packaging matters quite a lot, from printed vacuum pouches to seasoning packaging to vegetable packaging to packaging for coffee shops and even packaging for dog food and other pet food packaging. In the years that are ahead of us, packaging is likely to remain quite hugely important indeed.

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