Why Packaging Matters More Than You Think

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From protein powder packaging in a protein powder bag to pet food packaging to printed coffee bags to tea packaging, packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, in all variations, and can be found in many different places. To get a good example of this, take a step inside your local grocery store. After all, here in the United States at least, there will be up to 20,000 products within the average supermarket – and all of these products will be using some form of packaging to distinguish themselves from one another.

But how does packaging, be it packaging for a protein powder bag or for custom printed coffee bags, accomplish this? For one thing, making the product eye catching and interesting with high quality packaging is most certainly a great way to draw in more interested customers. As a matter of fact, simply spending more time on packaging for, say, a protein powder bag, can actually increase overall brand awareness and interest by as much as a full 30% – very nearly one third. After all, data has found that more than 65% (around 66%, to be just a bit more exact) of all people have actually been willing to try a new product because of the packaging alone. And among online shoppers, more than 55% said that a package shipped to them in premium packaging would likely cause them to return to the company that they bought it from in order to buy more, showing just how much packaging alone can have an impact on brand loyalty.

And from the typical protein powder bag to even just spice packaging, paying attention to packaging and ensuring that it is interesting and high in quality can help to ensure that you get some free advertising. After all, this is something that the age of the internet (and social media, for that matter) has made more feasible than ever before. In fact, up to 40% of all people have stated that they are more than likely to share a product on one of their social media platforms, if not on more than one of them, should they find the packaging for something like a protein powder bag or even beyond to be particularly interesting. Therefore, a company or brand can garner even more attention without even having to do it themselves, something that most certainly makes advertising and overall brand awareness much easier than what would otherwise be possible.

And it’s not just about looks. The quality of information that is included on the packaging used for, say, a protein powder bag or even just other valve sealed bags and the like is also very important. After all, more than 80% of all people make purchasing decisions based on the packaging information that is provided, with more than 60% of all shoppers in the United States reading this information thoroughly each and every time that they look to purchase any given product out there. Therefore, it is clear that this information matters quite a bit, from protein powder bag to even just vegetable and fruit packaging.

But what information should you be looking for when it comes to food packaging, from the protein powder bag and beyond? For one thing, you’ll want to make sure that an ingredient list is readily available. After all, many people will likely be looking to avoid one ingredient or another, and will therefore want to check the ingredient lists of the foods that they buy, especially on something like a protein powder bag, where a great many ingredients are likely to be listed. In this same vein, nutritional information will also be quite hugely important indeed, to say the very least. Knowing the overall nutritional information of a product can be hugely beneficial when it comes time to making decisions about the food that you want to eat – and its overall value to your health. Therefore, something like this is legally mandated to be present on just about every type of food packaging that there is, both with conventional food packaging as well as for organic food packaging to boot.

At the end of the day, everything from vegetable packaging to the protein powder bag packaging matters.

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