Custom Signage Is Your Ticket To Success Five Interesting Facts About Your Business’s On-Site Sign

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The best quality signage pays for itself. In fact, it could be your business’s best asset.

How does that work, when you spend so much time and effort on digital marketing? The classic sign, even now, is a staple no business can be without. It’s often the first detail potential customers notice about your business, well before they encounter your wares. It’s how they form a first impression without words. Most of all, it’s a detail that makes you look professional enough to be worthy of attention.

If this isn’t something you want to miss out on, read below on the five most interesting facts on custom signage. You’ll be surprised by how much a simple sign can do.

On-Site Signage Brings In Better ROI Than Newspaper Advertisements

This detail can be alarming, particularly if you’ve been experimenting with different forms of advertising. Not only is the sign an inexorable part of your business identity, it has a very good ROI. Studies have determined the value of on-site signage, in a year’s time, is equal to 24 full-page newspaper advertisements. This is due to the newspaper being a dynamic entity constantly shuffling through new information. Your sign, on the other hand, is a reliable constant.

Most Of Your Customers Live Within Just Five Miles Of Your Business

You won’t catch the most fish casting the widest net. Most of your customers won’t be strewn across the state, but within just five miles of your business. In fact, they can see your on-site signage up to 50 times in a week just driving home or to work. When you hire a professional for commercial sign design, you also get the expertise needed to situate it somewhere strategic. You want the most foot traffic possible so you can grow a healthy customer base.

Quality Signs Attract Up To Half Of All New Customers

Alongside smart placement, it’s the design that will deeply resonate with passerbys. High quality signs use a minimalist color scheme, a striking logo, and beautiful art to pull people in. Going overboard with detail, however, can make it seem noisy. Let a professional at your local commercial sign company figure out the layout for you. They’ll be able to sum up your business in a way that’s honest, yet simple.

Roadside Advertising Is A Powerful Supplemental To The On-Site Sign

The custom sign shouldn’t be fighting this proverbial battle alone. Give it support with outdoor signs cleverly situated around your region. Over 70% of people will look at the messages on roadside advertising, according to a recent study. Another survey revealed 80% of Americans actively remember a business based not on its slogan or prices, but the sign. Ask your custom sign professional how a billboard or two located near the city limits can invite new visitors.

The Best Quality Signage Is Easy To Obtain With A Sign Company

Why risk missing out? Commercial sign installation is a common service that remains in high demand today, even with the growth of digital marketing. Custom signage is an advertising and branding tool that can generate 75% to your customer base. A professional will talk shop about your business and figure out all the essential details needed to get it across at a glance. Placement, style, supplemental advertising, typography, and photography will also be added into the equation.

Invite ROI. Grow success. Talk to a sign company about how they can create the best custom sign for your business.

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