Why You Should Make Charitable Clothing Donations – And Why You Shouldn’t Throw Your Old Clothing Away


If you’re like the majority of the population here in the United States, it’s likely that you go through a lot of clothing and textile goods over the course of a year. After all, recent data has found that, in total, the average person will likely throw away as many as 70 pounds of textiles over the course of just one year. Of that amount, up to ten pounds will be made up of old clothing.

Much of this can be linked back to the fact that we are simply consuming more than ever before. After all, the average person of today actually buys up to twice the amount of clothing than someone living just 20 years ago would be doing. This means that the average American will buy nearly 70 articles of clothing and as many as seven total pairs of shoes over the course of just one single year. And much of this clothing won’t even get worn – at least not on a regular basis.

Getting rid of old clothing or clothing that no longer fits is something that can be quite beneficial to the typical person. After all, it means that they will free up some space in their closets and their homes – something that just about anyone will be able to benefit from. Getting rid of clothing can be hard, but if you live in a one to two season climate, you should ideally be wearing every article of clothing that you own at least once for every six month period. If this is not the case, then you might want to consider getting rid of it.

But how you get rid of your clothing matters. Simply throwing it away means that it will end up in a landfill, joining the other ten and a half million tons of clothing and textile waste ending up in our landfills over the course of just one single year. And with only 15% of all of our clothing currently being donated, this means that the waste problem faced not by this country but by the world as a whole is truly only on the rise – and likely to become compounded in the years that are ahead of us on a global scale.

Fortunately, donating your old clothing in the form of charitable clothing donations has become truly easier than ever before. After all, the data reflects that change is being made. In the year of 2006 alone, up to two and a half billion pounds of clothing was able to be kept from the landfills through people buying used clothing instead of brand new clothing as well as donating their clothing instead of throwing it away. And to more clearly show the value of charitable donations, nowadays up to four and a half billion pounds of clothing are being donated and recycled instead of merely sent to the landfills.

Donations to Purple Heart charities also help out many who are in need. After all, donations to Purple Heart charities often provide much needed resources and revenue to charities with the goal of helping veterans, no matter what age the veteran might be. In addition to this, donations to Purple Heart charities and other such organizations can be ideal for helping the families of military veterans as well, families that often struggle alongside the veteran in question, though this will, of course, depend on the circumstances. So when you make donations to Purple Heart charities, you are not only helping the environment but people in your very own community and country as well. And making such donations to Purple Heart charities has become easier than ever before. After all, finding clothing drop off locations has become more simple than ever, making donations to Purple Heart charities a simple thing indeed.

And other organizations accept used clothing donations as well, should donations to Purple Heart charities not be possible in your area. Donations to organizations such as the American Red Cross, for example, can be a great way to give back to the needy around you as well as elsewhere all throughout the country.

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