Why Your Charitable Donations Matter


Donating to charity has become more and more important with the passage of time. After all, the majority of the population (at least here in the United States) will donate to a charity at least once throughout the course of a year. And donating to all kinds of charities can make a difference not just within this country but in the world as a whole.

Consider, for instance, donations for veterans, often gathered through a purple heart foundation or charities with the goal of helping disabled veterans or helping families in need. Donations for veterans are likely to always be needed, as struggling veterans of all ages are found commonly all throughout the country. Donations for veterans of all kinds show the real value of charitable donations, as donations for veterans can help these veterans to get back on their feet.

For one thing, donations for veterans can help to provide warm and high quality clothing for veterans in need – as well as for their families. This is one of the things that is most looked for when a charity is looking for donations for veterans. And when it comes to clothing donations for veterans, as given to wounded veterans charities, there are an abundance of articles of clothing that can typically be given.

After all, people in the United States now own up to twice as many articles of clothing than their counterparts even just a mere 20 years ago would have owned. In addition to this, the average person could probably stand to get rid of some of their clothing, giving it away in the form of donations for veterans or even through other charitable means. Knowing when to donate clothes can be difficult, but following a few rules of thumb can help to make the process all the easier. For instance, getting rid of anything that no longer fits is most certainly an absolute must. For many people, not holding onto anything that hasn’t been worn for at least six months (if not longer) is also ideal – especially for those who are living in a climate where there are two seasons at the most (and perhaps just one, depending on the part of the country we’re talking about).

Ultimately, donations for veterans can be beneficial far past their charitable purpose as well, and this is something that must also be taken into mind when we talk about the benefits of veterans clothing donations and other reasons to donate clothes all throughout the United States. For one thing, donating your clothing in the form of donations for veterans is a great way to reduce the amount of clothing that is simply being thrown away. Currently, this is a real problem, with the average person throwing away up to ten pounds of clothing in a year – and only recycling about 15% of all of the clothing they discard. When you factor in other types of textile waste, you’ll see that the average person is actually throwing away more than 80 pounds of textile waste in this same span of time, meaning that up to ten and a half million tons of textile waste makes its way into landfills with each passing year – a number that will only continue to grow ever higher if nothing is done to stop it.

Fortunately, making clothing donations for veterans and reducing overall consumption of new clothing is beginning to make a difference. As a matter of fact, up to ten pounds of used clothing is now bought by the typical person on a yearly basis. And more than four and a half billion pounds of clothing are kept from landfills through clothing donations over that same duration as well. Ultimately, even the smallest of changes is likely a difference – and this is no small change that so many people have been able to make. Thanks to such changes, our environment is already in much better standing than it otherwise would have been. So education surrounding things like access to making donations for veterans and the like can go a truly long way when it comes to overall impact both on those in need of such donations for veterans as well as on our environment as a whole.

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