Why Your Company Should Be Using Custom Packaging

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The next time your in a store, stop for a second and take a look around you. You might have never thought about it before, but you’re surrounded by thousands of different types of packaging that are all designed with two objectives: to hold products and to get your attention.

Now think about some of your favorite types of food you pick up in the grocery store. You probably pick them up because you enjoy the taste, but think a little more about why you buy that product. Are you drawn in by the colorful packaging? Does a particular brand you like have a mascot? Does a certain kind of food come in some quirky packaging that everyone can easily identify?

With custom packaging, your business can enjoy that same type of trust and familiarity that people have with well-known brands. Whether you’re using clear pouch bags, big and small boxes with custom box labels or some other kind of unique packaging, you can use packaging to your advantage and help separate yourself from the competition.

You may be wondering? How can I get creative with packaging? How can I make it stand out? No matter what business you’re in, custom packaging can work wonders. With a customized logo, a color scheme that works well and some creativity, customers will come to trust your products and flock to your store. A 2016 West Rock Customer study revealed that 66% of customers have tried a new product because the packaging caught their eye. With the right packaging, you can increase that number for your business.

Let’s say you run a coffee shop that brews many different types of coffee which you can buy by the cup or by the bag to brew at home. By creating food packaging that differentiates all the kinds of coffee (think Columbia roast, regular, decaf, hazelnut, etc), you’ll make it easier for customers to quickly find their favorites. They’ll know for example that the blue packaging is the dark roast or the green packaging is the decaf for example. You can do the same thing with pet treats if you run a pet store, using clear bags to separate hard and soft treats or different kinds of dog food. If you’re in the spice business, you can use clear pouch bags for tea packaging and spice packaging.

Another benefit of custom packaging is it will give your company’s products a professional look. If your products get put in bigger chain stores, folks will be able to easily identify your product on the shelf.

Along with custom packaging like clear pouch bags, you’re going to need custom labels. Surveys have found that 85% of shoppers have indicated that their purchasing choices are informed by reading product labels. By creating custom labels, you’ll be able to tell customers exactly what’s in your products and in a matter of a few seconds or a minute, they’ll learn everything they need to know about your product from reading the label. Pairing labels with packaging like clear pouch bags is even more beneficial because a customer can pick up a bag, read the label and see exactly what they’re buying rather than being surprised when they open a sealed box at home.

If your company is looking for custom packaging, creating a logo with a label and sticker company is very easy. By uploading your logo and company name to a website, you’ll be able to see an endless array of possibilities that will make your logo stick out in people’s minds when they go into a store. Remember, that’s the name of the game: you want to grab a customer’s attention. Companies can make a logo look big or small, plain or flashy, colorful or subdued. The possibilities are endless.

By having custom packaging and labels to make your products stand out and to separate the different types of your product, customers will gain interest and trust your products. Businesses that pay close attention to packaging have reported a 30% increase in consumer interest and with custom packaging and labels, your company’s sales could see a big increase as word spreads of your wares.

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