Why Your Sign Is More Effective Than You Think

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Church marquee sign

Signs are everywhere. From yard signs advertising a home for sale, to bright led signs for a business, these are incredibly useful tools that help to convey an important message to those passing by. A company’s sign makes a huge difference in its success. While you may think of a sign, such as a church marquee, as a standard aspect to the building, it can actually be a huge benefit in advertising.

Outdoor signs inform those in the area of the business. Signs for government buildings, or religious buildings, indicate the purpose of the facility. In fact, more than a third of people state that they only discovered a business because of its sign. Without that sign there, people easily pass by without even realizing the business is there. This is important because it means that while we see signs every day, we still take notice of them.

Signs should stand out, as well. While people clearly do pay attention to the signs they see, it can be very easy for many of them to become lost in the crowd. Therefore, marquee signs and led signs, which help to stand out from the crowd, can be incredibly beneficial. They bring attention to themselves.

Because signs are so important in terms of marketing and advertising, they should also be designed well. These are a cost effective marketing strategy, which can increase revenue with little input of costs. However, with a poor and unattractive design, these signs may not help the company as much as you would like. This sign should separate the company from its competition and quickly display why customers should choose that business.

Further, about a third of customers state that they will visit a retailer whose sign they saw on a billboard. Another form of cost-effective marketing, billboards allow companies to advertise to motorists. They also provide more freedom in terms of location. This means that, while the main company led signs should remain located just outside the business, the billboard can be located further away. With this strategy, the sign reaches more people, allowing revenues to continually increase. Because more people will see the sign, and because many of them are likely to visit the business as a result of it, revenues can quickly and easily increase.

You may be thinking that these signs can’t actually make that much of a difference. Despite your hesitation, they truly do work! Studies have shown that a quarter of people will be so impressed by a billboard or other sign, that they will write down a web address or phone number to the business. This decision leads to customers discovering new businesses through their signs, writing down information, and later visiting the website or calling the company for more information. With such an easy way to increase revenue, there is no reason not to have digital led business signs and billboards!

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