How Industrial Shipping Containers Are Saving the Planet

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Between saving the planet and saving money, people have a lot to think about when making decisions, particularly when making business decisions. The industrial shipping industry is no different and must make considerations, such as if it is best to use recycled materials or more traditional materials for shipping. Thankfully, with recycled and repurposed shipping containers, companies in this industry can help save the planet!

Shipping containers
are often considered to be environmentally friendly, eco-green structures. They are often made of about 85% recycled steel. They are fully recyclable once demolished. And they can even be reused as building materials.

In fact, some homes are made from shipping containers and building a home in such a fashion takes roughly two to three weeks. This is much faster than the typical four to six month time it takes to build a traditional brick and mortar home. There is, in fact, some evidence to suggest that using recycled shipping materials for building projects can save roughly 40% of costs, compared to traditional building materials.

While repurposing shipping containers for building materials can save money, with its added environmental benefits, there are other ways to use recycled materials. For example, repurposed shipping materials can be used to create generator enclosures. Using recycled materials in such a way can help to protect a generator at a lower cost.

While protecting the environment by using repurposed materials, using them for a generator enclosure will also be cheaper. Money will also be saved as it will take less time to build these than when using other materials. These materials can also last for 20 years, with regular maintenance, which means it is also possible to save money by avoiding having to replace the enclosure for a long time.

That said, industrial shipping companies should be sure to help the environment by using eco-friendly shipping containers. These containers last long periods of time and, once retired, can help other industries by providing cheaper materials. Whether building houses, or building generator enclosures, these materials are incredibly useful, incredibly cheap, and can make a huge difference in the industry.

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