Work With Skilled Recruiters to Find the Right People for Job Openings

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Hiring sales people and other professionals is an important task for owners and managers who want the best for their business, but the difficulties associated with doing so are often overlooked. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, 30% of business failure stems from poor hiring practices. On top of that, a Harvard study found that 80% of all turnover is the result of mistakes that are made during the hiring process. As a result, hiring the best employees possible is vital for long-term success. Because of that, many owners and managers would be wise to partner with a recruitment agency that can help them find and hire employees who will prove to be an asset.

Many times, you won’t realize that you have made a bad hire until it is already too late. That problem can be compounded by the fact that just one disengaged employee can bring down the productivity of an entire team by 30%. This means that making sure open sales jobs and other roles are filled by not only talented but motivated individuals is crucial for businesses who make efficiency and productivity a priority. The talented and highly trained professionals who work at a reliable recruitment agency will know where to look and what to look for to help businesses find those employees.

Not only is dealing with high turnover rates a hassle, but doing so can actually be quite expensive. The cost of replacing an employee can range between half to a staggering four times the cost of the worker’s salary. So though some owners and managers might be hesitant to make the investment needed to work with recruiters, the potential savings are often able to offset that cost. Plus, they handle lots of the cumbersome tasks that need to be completed during the hiring process, allowing more freedom and more time to be spent on other important areas.

“One of the most important lessons I learned during my years as a CEO was that great employees are not replaceable,” writes Amy Rees Anderson in Forbes. “It isn’t the technology or the product that make a company great, it’s the people.” Unfortunately, being able to find and hire the candidates that allow a company to thrive is easier said than done, in part because of mistakes made by businesses during the hiring process. That makes working with a recruitment agency a smart choice for every company. See this link for more:

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