A Small Package With A Huge Result How Creating Custom Screws Can Improve Your Final Result

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Does going custom really make all the difference?

When it comes to the tools you use to get the job done…absolutely. In fact, it could mean the difference between an average result and a stellar finish. One of today’s most commonly used pieces of equipment, from do-it-yourself projects to construction, is the micro fastener. Just like all the unique jobs they support, the customizable screw takes on a thousand different forms to compliment each one. Anything less and you could be left with something that doesn’t work…or downright falls apart.

What should you know about custom screws and how they work? There’s a breakdown list below, all the better to get you caught up to speed.

How Screws Went From Handmade To Manufactured

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come sometimes. The concept of screws dates all the way back to 200 B.C., across several societies and cultures. The earliest screws had to be handmade, meaning no two were ever truly alike. This would change in the late 1920’s with the National Screw Thread Commission. They would proceed to establish a standard for screw threads to ensure interchangeability and, eventually, a defined standard all jobs could count on.

The Everyday Usage Of Custom Set Screws

It’s not hard to see just how common screws are. They support beams and fill flooring. They help stitch together small projects and hold together large houses. The revenue of screw, nut, and bolt manufacturing in the United States reached over $30 billion back in 2017. The screw, nut, and bold industry also employs a little over 130,000 people. You have the pick of the litter when it comes to finding the best 100 piece package of screws.

Definition Of Breakaway Torque And Pre-Load

There are a few terms you should become familiar with before choosing your machine screw. Breakway torque is the torque necessary to start relative rotation between the locking fastener and its mating thread, without an axial load on the screw itself. This changes with reuse and is often referred to as the ‘1st Off’. Each subsequent time this happens this will change the label, from the ‘2nd Off’ to the ‘5th Off’. The pre-load is how you measure the axial load imparted on the fastener. This is the amount of the applied seating torque measured in pounds per square inch (or psi) to create tension.

Vibration, Shock, And Slippage Prevention In Screws

A good screw is defined by how much tension and pressure it can go through. The two main types of thread lockers available on the market are inert thread lockers and reactive thread lockers. This is also known as prevailing torque, in which the inert thread locking creates a secure fastening lock that’s resistant to both vibration and shock related slippage. SEMS screws combine two separate parts into an easily assembled low-cost fastener. Your discretion will determine which one is best for the job.

The Benefits Of Building A Custom Screw Or Micro Fastener

A screw designed specifically for the job at hand is much better than a one-size-fits-all approach. Not only do you run the risk of creating a lackluster product with an average screw, you can also potentially put others in danger. Hi-low screws have a reduced minor diameter, displacing less plastic material and minimizing stress all at once. These also boast a double lead high and low thread, creating the most positive thread engagement out of most everyday screws. Figure out the details of your micro fastener and custom set screws now to avoid trouble later.

Screws are one of today’s smallest, and toughest, tools. How could yours be improved?

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