What Fixer Up Tasks Are You Tackling This Weekend?

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You slept in today and as you opened the door you were surprised the dog was not waiting for you outside the bedroom door, but thought perhaps the pup must be hanging out with your younger daughter while she is doing her online homework. As you headed down the stairs, however, you heard your son commenting on something for a class, and you heard your husband pre-teaching a video he is sharing with his class. You are getting used to these new sounds already. You are not a fan but, this change in schedule is becoming a new routine.

One thing you are a fan of is the fact that the list of items to do around the house has nearly been erased.From tricky projects that require customers screws to window screens that need replaced, there are many tasks that have been completed. In the past, your schedule was often too busy for these things, your weekends too complicated. With the cancellation of everything from sports practice to school, you now find yourself with extra time. Even your husband has willingly offered to help. You have always prided yourself on the fact that you could complete many of the household jobs around the house on your own, but having the extra hand of your husband has helped. And his attention to detail, including finding exactly the right custom screws for the cabinet hinges has been a blessing.

Custom Fastener Options Help Projects Go More Smoothly

From undersized screws used for metal products to custom screws needed for the woodworking around the house, there are many times when having the right tools and materials matters. In fact, one of the easiest ways to spot a project that was handled by a home owner and not a professional is by looking at details. Attention to small things like paint color, caulking tints, and custom screws can help you not only complete those small tasks around the house, but also make sure the work that you complete looks its best.

Tiny undersized screws, of course, may seem like a minute consideration, but if you find yourself these days with more time on your hand, why not focus on completing every task to the best of your ability. Consider these facts and figures about the many ways that finding the right custom product can help you get the best results:

  • The U.S. screw, nut, and bolt industry employs 131,949 people, and even during these most unusual times these workers find themselves still busy as construction in many parts of the country continues at record paces.
  • The revenue of screw, nut, and bolt manufacturing in the U.S. reached $30 billion in the year 2017, and it should come as no surprise that this is but a small part of the construction industry that drives a major part of the nation’s economy.
  • Early screws had to be handmade, so no two were ever alike. In 1928, however, the National Screw Thread Commission established a standard for screw threads which allowed for interchangeability.
  • Inert thread lockers and reactive thread lockers are the two main types of thread lockers currently available. Also known as prevailing torque, inert thread locking creates a secure fastening lock, which is resistant to vibration and shock related slippage.
  • Hi-lo screws have a reduced minor diameter which displace less plastic material and minimize stress. These screws have a double lead high and low thread with the high thread having a 30 degree thread form that further minimizes material displacement while at the same time providing positive thread engagement.
  • The concept of the screw dates back to 200 B.C., but the use of these tiniest of materials are now custom made for thousands of kinds of projects.

More than 200 billion fasteners are used each year in the U.S., and when it comes time to completing what might seem like the simple task of replacing a missing screw on a window hinge it is likely that you will need just the right material. And while taking the time to find the custom screws you need may slow you down a little bit, it is important to note that the end result is often worth the wait.

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