Custom Micro Screws What to Look For In a Manufacturer

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Due to the increased production of small components that need to be fastened; bolts, nuts, and screw industry has significantly expanded. In 2017, the fastening industry in the United States recorded $30 billion in revenues. Recording $30 billion in revenues is a clear illustration of an expanding consumer market of people buying fasteners such as undersized screws and other fasteners options.

As a small business owner, you are one of the large numbers of consumers who are buying custom fasteners in large quantities. There are unlimited screw manufacturing companies out there in the industry and you are conflicted on which company to place your order with. Here are some simple characteristics you should look in a custom micro screw manufacturer.

1. Manufacturing Standards

Any custom screw manufacturer out there needs to have a written and well-known screw manufacturing standards. When you are looking for a screw manufacturer, you should consider asking them their manufacturing standards. Understanding manufacturing standards is essential as it will give you a hint of what to expect. You will have an opportunity to compare your expectations and standards, and see whether it works for you.

2. Manufacturing Consistency

If you want to get high-quality custom micro screw, you must make sure that you check on the consistency of the screw manufacturer. Some companies, especially those without manufacturing standards, find it difficult to remain consistent in their manufacturing process. Make sure that the screws delivered in the first delivery are the same as the screws that you will get in the second and third delivery. Lack of consistency gives you the freedom to weigh your options and select another manufacturer.

3. Quality of Screws

Getting the right screws for your products increases the quality of your final goods and attracts a considerable number of customers to your company. Therefore, your custom micro screw has a role to play in the success of your business. Before you decide to buy micro screws from a particular supplier, you have to conduct background research. Getting information from other customers is the only way you will be sure that you have contracted the best custom screw manufacturer.

4. Use of Technology

Innovation is the modern way of doing things, especially in manufacturing companies. Therefore, your custom micro screw manufacturer should be using the current technology to produce custom fasteners and miniature screws. Technology guarantees quality and consistency in the production process. However, there are screw manufacturers out there in the industry that are still using outdated machines. Always consider a company that is using the latest technology so that you can access quality products.

5. Lead Time

The time it takes for your custom micro screw manufacturer to produce and supply your order is essential to the success of your business. You want a company that will process your order and deliver your custom screws within a week. Any delays in the delivery mean loss of customers to your business. Therefore, you have to check with the screw manufacturing company before ordering. Some companies have a large workforce and advanced machines, which helps them to process and deliver orders within a short period.

6. Great Customer Service

Customers tend to pay huge attention to the product itself rather than the human aspect of the manufacturer. If you want to get quality products and services from a custom micro screw manufacturer, you have to check their customer services. Accidents and delays are bound to happen hence affecting deliveries and the quality of screws delivered. Always consider a company that has a human touch. Companies that are willing to go an extra mile to offer professional services to their customers are highly preferred.

Finding the right manufacturer for your custom micro screw isn’t impossible. You can easily find screw manufacturers who will deliver quality screws within a short period and at an affordable budget. However, if you are confused, these are some of the few things you need to consider when selecting a screw manufacturer.

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