Benefits of Induction Furnaces and Things You Should Consider When Buying a Used Furnace


An induction furnace uses a high voltage primary coil to transfer heat energy. Induction melting frequencies can vary between 50 cycles per second, which is known as mains frequency, and 10,000 cycles per second. These furnaces can melt an array of metals and maintain low melt loss. Essentially, Induction melting furnace is one of the best melting furnaces out there.

You don’t need to buy a brand new induction. A used inductotherm induction furnace will work just fine. Inductotherm furnaces use electromagnetic induction for heating, welding, and melting applications. They use the most advanced coils in the industry and are designed to operate in a high vacuum environment. Used inductotherm induction furnaces are designed to operate in a high vacuum environment.

Types of Induction Furnaces

Channel Induction Furnace

This furnace uses a refractory steel casing to hold the heated metal. The steel is attached to a primary induction unit that contains an iron core which wraps the induction coil. The heat makes the metal to circulate in the main well and creates a stirring action. Channel Induction furnaces are suitable for melting alloys with low melting points and holding compartment for metals that have high melting points.


The primary heating component in a coreless furnace is the coils. The coil is manufactured using highly conductive copper tubing wound in a helical coil, which is placed in a steel casing. To prevent overheating, the water is used to cool the coil through a recirculating tower. When the metal reaches the molten state, the electrical currents and magnetic field produce reactions that help to mix alloys and distribute temperature evenly.

Benefits of Induction Furnaces

When it comes to foundry needs, there are numerous benefits that you won’t find with other alternatives. Other industrial methods of heating an object include electric furnaces gas furnaces and salt baths. These methods rely on convection and radiation to transfer heat from the source to the product surface.

Induction method, on the other hand, uses current flow to generate heat on the product surface. The generated heat depends on the electrical reference depth, which depends on the frequency of the alternating current. High-frequency current produces deep electrical reference depth. Inductotherm induction furnaces use the electrical and physical properties to produce customized solutions for specific applications and products. This is why investing in used inductotherm induction furnaces is a good idea.

Induction furnaces occupy a small space and are suitable for melting foundries of all sizes. They are energy efficient and ecofriendly. This means that your company will have low energy consumption. In addition, induction furnaces boast of higher yields and low burn loss. What’s more is that they are easy to automate.

Another advantage of induction furnaces for melting is inductive stirring. Ideally, an induction furnace heats or melts metal charge material using current from the electromagnetic field. Induction string occurs when metal is molten and the electromagnetic field causes the bath to move. The constant motion allows natural mixing, which is suitable for alloying.

Used inductotherm induction furnaces can be used in vacuum melting and air controlled atmosphere. Vacuum adapted construction ensures optimum performance. These furnaces can process all material and metals including aluminum, brass, silicon, stainless steel alloys, copper alloys, zinc, silver, and gold. The furnace can also be used to melt iron and steel for industrial use.

Why Used Inductotherm Induction Furnaces Are Worth Investing In

If you are not in a position to buy a new induction furnace, a refurbished or used inductotherm induction furnace is worth investing in. The equipment is eco-friendly given that it has gently used furnaces. Buying a used inductotherm induction furnaces enables you to invest in a good furnace in a fraction of the usual price. However, before you invest in used inductotherm induction furnaces, there are important things you should consider.

First, ensure you get a furnace that is equipped with the latest technology. The equipment should not be very old. The next thing is researching the value of the furnace. Ensure it’s worth investing in the heating equipment. The last thing you want is overpaying when you want to save some cash by buying used equipment instead of new. Lastly, ask about the equipment history. This will help you avoid purchasing a defective product.

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