A Look At The Importance Of Packaging

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Packaging is a hugely important thing all throughout the United States – and beyond just this one country as well. After all, there is just so much variety when it comes to packaging, from organic tea packaging to spice packaging to protein powder packaging to even pet food packaging and vegetable and fruit packaging. And with so much packaging out there, up to 20,000 products contained in the typical grocery store or supermarket, it should come as no surprise that all this packaging must make itself as interesting as possible to compete for the attention of the typical consumer.

From organic tea packaging to vegetable packaging, grabbing the eye of the consumer is a must. After all, having eye catching packaging can do a lot for sales, as up to 66% (around two thirds, to phrase things a bit differently) of all people have bought something simply based on packaging that drew them in. And eye catching packaging is more likely to garner free advertisement as well, as up to 40% of all people will share a product on at least one social media page (if not other as well) if they find the packaging in question to be unique and noteworthy. Therefore, investing more into packaging, be it organic tea packaging, chocolate packaging, or packaging for dog food, is more than worth it. Simply putting more into packaging can even increase overall brand interest by as much as a full 30%, which is very nearly one third.

The quality of the packaging also matters, with many high quality types of packaging, from valve sealed bags to resealable pouches, now in use. With the rise of online shopping this is something that has become more important than ever before. As a matter of fact, more than half of all online shoppers are actually more likely to order a product again if they find the packaging used for it, from organic tea packaging to seasoning packaging, to be premium in overall quality. Therefore, once again investing more money into the packaging design and process is likely to reap considerable rewards at the end of the day.

Of course, the information that is included on all types of packaging, including organic tea packaging, is hugely important as well. Overall, more than 60% (nearly two thirds) of all shoppers read each and every label that they come into contact with. And well over 80% of all people (around 85%, to be just a bit more exact) will actually use these labels to make various purchasing decisions on their typical shopping trips.

What information might be of use for any type of packaging? For organic tea packaging and coffee bag packaging, caffeine levels are critical to list. After all, though more than half of all adults consume coffee on a daily basis (at an average of three cups per day or so, for that matter), knowing the amount of caffeine you are consuming is key. For pregnant women and those who are sensitive to caffeine for any other reason, this will be something that is particularly important. And organic tea packaging will likely denote a much lower level of caffeine than coffee packaging well. In fact, some types of green tea will only have around 20 mg of caffeine in each 8 ounce cup. And even green teas with higher caffeine levels are unlikely to exceed more than 45 mg of caffeine at the very, very most. Ultimately, this information is quite critical for the typical consumer to have in order to make healthy and safe choices, making such information included on the typical organic tea packaging and coffee packaging all the more important.

At the end of the day, there are a great many ways in which packaging is hugely important indeed. For many people, packaging is a great way to get a better look at a product, from the ingredient lists to the nutritional information to even where the product is sourced (something that has become quite common for people who are looking to buy as much in the way of organic foods as is possible). At the end of the day, packaging can be used as an important advertising tool.

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