Calibration Gas – What Is It and How Is It Used?

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There is a global market demand for gas that increases by 2% annually and is slated to overtake coal by 2030. This is due in part by the use of gas, or a mixture of gases known as calibration gas. What is calibration gas technically? It is a reference gas or a mixture of gases that is used as a comparative standard in reference to the calibration of instruments that are analytical. Such instruments include gas detectors or gas analyzers. Calibration gas must be of a nature that is precisely defined like span gas or zero gas.

What It Takes to Be a Calibration Gas

Part of answering ‘What is calibration gas?’ involves understanding what it takes to be a calibration gas as well as custom calibration gas standards. The gas has to be traceable to an international or national standard. What is traceability? It is a chain of comparisons that are unbroken and fit an acceptable standard. The standard for calibration gas establishes a response as a known analyzer to a certified concentration for chemical components. PT, or preparation tolerance, in calibration gas as well as CA, or certification/analytical accuracy are of vital importance.

What Is Preparation Tolerance?

PT is the exact concentration range including minor concentration and component. It is measured using a range of concentration. PT can be referred using the term blending tolerance, as well. In order to minimize preparation tolerance, the latest technologies have to be used for manufacturing these types of gases. PT is determined based on a manufacturer’s experience including their customer’s requirements.

What Is Certification/Analytical Accuracy?

CA has been defined as an agreement of measured values using its true value. This is determined statistically taking into consideration all of the uncertainties that could be accompanied by the reference standard or international standard in which it is traceable, instability of gas within the container, and instrument uncertainty.

What Is Calibration Gas Used For?

Calibration gases are used in instruments such as gas detectors. These types of instruments are meant to protect workers from hazards that are not likely known and could be present in a workplace. This is especially true for confined spaces. The safety of workers is sometimes defined by asking, “What is calibration gas and how can it be detected?”.

What Is Calibration Gas in Relation to an Accurate Reading?

The term ‘calibration’ denotes the measuring accuracy for an instrument relative to the known concentration of substances. Detectors measure the exact concentration of substances in the air by comparing a sensor’s response to a response generated by calibration gases of the known concentration. The response of an instrument to calibration gas behaves as a reference point or measurement scale.

In order to ensure safety in the work place it is always ideal to order calibration gases, calibration gas accessories, as well as gas cylinders and bottles from specialty gas suppliers. They can assist you in choosing the right equipment, gases and suppliers needed to prevent hazards. When you want to meet gas calibration standards turn to professionals in the industry.

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