Common Issues with Bobcat’s Final Drive Motor


It makes sense that once you invest in your final drive motors, you would expect the best of services but once an issue arises, our entire operations are affected. Troubleshooting final drive motors problems can be quite problematic especially if you are not sure where to start. you need to at least have some basic knowledge on what to look out for signaling an issue. In most cases, replacing the final drive is not always the solution but unfortunately, that is what most people rush to do. Below are some of the most common issues with bobcat final drive motors.

Bearing Failure
When it comes to the bobcat final drive travel motor, it must be understood that bearings have a limited life. However, there are various ways that you can improve the life of the bearings to make sure that the do not fail prematurely. One such strategy is by frequently checking the oil in the main hub. It is recommended that for the bobcat e32 and e35, oil should be changed after every 500 hours. If the oil is left to run into extremely low levels, it is very easy for the bearing to take out final drive motors for bobcats. You should also be on the lookout for the appearance of the oil during the change as this could signify an even greater problem. If the oil looks glittery, chances are that the bearing is already tearing up. Some of the main causes of bearing failure not just for bobcat final drive travel motors but also for caterpillar final drive travel motors and excavator drive motors is leakage in the main seal. Such leakage allows the lubricant in the bearing to leak out.

Case Drain Issues
Another major issue with bobcat final drive motors is the clogging of case drain filters. When such clogging happens, the hydraulic fluid tends to back up causing an increase in pressure. This pressure will continue to build since the case drain flow has been blocked by the clogging of the filter. Eventually, the high pressure causes the oil seal to fail allowing the hydraulic fluid to mix with the gear oil. Clogging of the case drain can cause extensive damage in travel motors as pressure continues to build. This is the reason why it is not uncommon to see bearings that are in pieces or a cracked cover plate in final drive motors. However, this issue can be prevented by constantly replacing the case drain filter every time you replace other filters in a travel motor. A clean and functioning case drain filter is bronze in appearance. This means that if it appears dark, it needs to be replaced.

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