Don’t Throw Away Your Clothing – Here’s Why!

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What are the best charities to donate to

Charity donations are one of the most common ways for people to give back to the world. With millions of tons of clothes, food, and other necessities being donated every year, and $358.38 billion given to charity organizations in 2014 alone.

Local clothing donations in America make up 14.3 million tons of clothing, which is distributed worldwide for families around the world.

That’s a lot of jeans and T-shirts.

But money and clothes are not the only ways to give, and some organizations like to go the extra mile, especially for wounded veterans.

Wounded veterans charities are commonplace in America, and for good reason. Taking pride in our troops, and offering them the care they deserve, is a good thing. Especially when those soldiers were injured in the line of duty.

However, some charities are not as giving as they could be.

One of the largest charities in America, which won’t be named here, spent more money on fundraising than they did caring for our veterans. Other, smaller, wounded veterans charities spent nearly all their money on exactly what they were founded to do, give our wounded heroes assistance.

One charity even helped a wounded veteran and his family get a home.

This program, Building Homes for Heroes, builds or remodels homes for disabled or wounded veterans and gifts them mortgage free! The stipulation being that the applicant must be a veteran, not currently own a home, and be 100% disabled in order to apply.

But what about the other charity work here in America?

According to statistics, somewhere around 45% of recycled clothing is made into second-hand clothes for those in need. That means that the more clothes that you recycle, the more you help someone less fortunate. It’s a good system, a green system, and one that we should encourage to work.

There are specific charity organizations that work with donors to recycle things like clothes, electronics, or used household goods. Things that would otherwise end up in a landfill if thrown away, but still have their uses. They often have either their own freestanding building or trailer that you can use to donate.

So the next time you go to throw out those pants that don’t fit, or the shirt that’s too large or small, consider recycling it instead. You’ll do a lot more good than throwing it away! Read more articles like this.

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