Types of Law You Can Practice in the United States

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Are you interested in learning about different types of law? There are so many different variations in the law that you might not know where to begin. It?s best to decide what your own interests are to therefore decide which type of law to research.

Do you own a corporation, work for a company or want to invest in a business? If that?s the case, you may be interested in corporate and securities law. Someone who is involved in corporate and securities law focuses on investments made in businesses or corporations. Corporate and securities law can look like dealing with bonds, mortgages, shares of stock and loans.

You also may have a personal interest in the environment, global warming and sustainable practices. If that?s the case, you may be more interested in civil rights, or environmental law. This is one of the types of law that affects everyone. For instance, toxic air pollution from industrial plants is believed to result in many cases of disease and death every year. On average, 5,000 livers each year are affected by things like respiratory issues and heart disease due to such pollution. Additionally, water shortages are expected to happen soon in the United States. In the lower 48 states, more than one-third of all counties may face water shortages soon due to global warming. We also should be concerned about indoor and outdoor air quality, carbon emissions, sulfur oxides, methane emission, refrigerants and a multitude of other environmental issues.

If corporate and securities law and environmental law don?t interest you, perhaps you are more passionate about civil cases or class actions. Civil cases are actually decreasing as time goes on. Today, only 1 percent of civil cases reach Federal courts in comparison to 11.5 percent in 1962 that reached Federal courts and went to trial.

Whether you are interested in heading to law school or simply interested in researching different types of law to learn and stay informed, they are plenty of types of law to choose from. If the above types of law don?t interest you, consider researching bankruptcy issues, federal estate tax law, intellectual property law, copyright and patent law or corporate compliance.

Do you have any experience with law or did you go to law school? Let us know in the comments below what type of law you practice or would like to practice.

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