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As the year comes to an end and a new one is set to begin, there are a number of companies that are looking at the guidelines and procedures that are needed to keep workers safe. From the latest Department of Transportation (DOT) initiatives to the required hazmat requirements, it is important to make sure that every company follows the letter of the law. When companies take the time that is needed to make sure that there are all of the necessary procedures in place, the New year is a safer time and a healthier place.

Working with hazardous wastes can be dangerous, but if you follow the guidelines that are required by the DOT hazmat training courses you can know that you have done your best to eliminate errors and accidents. Fortunately, DOT training courses are designed so that they can be presented to both individuals and entire teams. With frequent updates and refresher courses, there are many policies in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.
When Was the Last Time You Took a Required DOT Training Course?
Although many companies require all of heir workers to recertified on their training at the beginning of the year, there are also many companies that schedule these sessions as needed throughout the entire year. From hazardous waste certification training online options to making sure that required training for shipping hazmat materials is completed, it is important that all necessary training is scheduled as needed.

Consider these facts and figures about the necessary training that is required so that companies can protect their workers, their buildings, and their products:

  • Measuring as much as 2,647 million tons, natural gas, asphalt, and Coca Cola are the highest weight of commodities shipped in the U.S.
  • In addition to some needing state specific licenses, most hazmat workers complete up to 40 hours of training mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • Hazardous material removal workers made a median annual salary of $40,640 as of 2016.
  • In order to provide specific safety guidelines and training, the Department of Transportation has broken hazardous cargo down into nine separate classes.
  • Approximately 11 billion tons of freight is shipped more than 250 billion miles across America by trucks every single year.
  • 3 billion tons of hazardous materials are shipped every year.

The New year will bring many changes, but some of the most important are the retraining and recertifying of the staff and all of the accompanying requirements.

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