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What Can You Do With a Shipping Container?

Shipping container office

A good shipping container can last for nearly 20 to 25 years if it is properly maintained and painted regularly. Because the shipping container is designed to be mobile, it can easily be stacked, is durable, weather-resistant, and usually requires no foundation to be placed. An industrial shipping container has many uses, and can provide a variety of solutions across different industries.

Shipping Container Solutions: Storing Overflow.

Reusing one is not only a smart financial decision, but is also an excellent green practice. Because they are known for their durability, reusing one still means it can last you a long time even if it was bought used. In fact, reusing one 40 foot shipping container instead of melting it down can save nearly 8000 kilowatt hours, and about 3500 kilograms of steel. Here are a few other benefits for reuse.

How to Successfully Store Sensitive Equipment.

Some types of equipment need to be stored carefully. These are items that are unable to survive changes in temperature and humidity. The most common items needing care are:

The above items are well-served when stored in a shipping container with an adequate ventilation system. The small pressure vents built-in are not sufficient. It could be necessary to add a ventilation system if one is not already installed.

Storage Solutions For Schools.

Schools are another section of the industry that could benefit from adding repurposed shipping containers to their grounds. Once again, these do not require a special foundation to be placed. With quick placement a possibility, durability, and weather resistance, this makes them a good choice for storage.
Some easier storage ideas include: mowers and other lawn equipment; sports equipment; bulky items such as whiteboards; and for some, a smaller gym. If the school needs to store computer equipment, this is another possibility however it would still require a good ventilation system, which is one consideration.

They aren’t just needed for shipping items. They also make great storage solutions across many different industries. While there is a need for some customization for sensitive items, for the most part these can be a solid option for overflow. Whether it is machinery, school equipment, IT items, or simply household items, a well-maintained shipping container provides long-lasting service.

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