Why Server Rack Enclosures Are Necessary for Almost All Business

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The modern world runs on computers. The vast majority of information, including people’s personal information, and data is stored somewhere online. Businesses are no exception.

Using networks and technology have managed to greatly reduce the average operation costs of companies. Transferring information and documents is cheaper by sending them online rather than paying for postage to mail them. There is no need to pay people to manually file away important information because it can be stored on computer servers.

Servers are one of the most essential pieces of hardware when it comes to computing. The massive amounts of data stored by businesses require enormous amounts of space, both digitally and physically.

In order to accommodate for all of the technology necessary to do so, server rack enclosures are used to help organize and manage the equipment for easy access to allow for easier maintenance. Each one of these pieces of equipment will have what seems like countless wires attached to them which can be pretty overwhelming without some form of organization in place. Just a single 19 or 23 inch server enclosure can hold anywhere from 42 up to hundreds of servers.

For businesses to know how much space they actually require to house all of their servers, they use specific measurements. Compliant equipment is measured in multiples of rack units, or “U”; 1.75 inches equals one “U.”

The most common server rack enclosures currently in use today are likely the four-post racks designed to hold severs or appliances that are 19 inches wide. Considering the large numbers of servers used by most companies, they will likely have rooms full of them.

As technology continues to improve and take over more facets of regular business operations, more servers will be required to accommodate for it. You can be pretty confident that manufacturers of server rack enclosures will be sitting pretty in the years to come.

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