Why Your Business Needs a the Right Singage

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Signage is so important in any store when it comes to attracting the attention of your customers. From deli meat signs to creative retail display ideas, you want to do everything you can to attract attention and get folks interested in what you have to offer. Anywhere from 6 to 10 products in a store could be called impulse buys. This means the customer didn’t come to the store intending to buy, but something about your display inspired them, and they felt a need to do so. Learn how signage works and how you can use it to increase sales.

Get Their Attention While You Can

Customers aren’t in a store for a long amount of time. They might not pay attention to circulars or other specials you have going on. Therefore, you want to use everything you can to get their attention from clear window decals that greet them as they arrive to a pedestal sign holder within the building. Customers make over 80% of their shopping decisions while in the store, so it makes sense to try and get their attention as soon as possible and get them thinking about a product. Even if they leave and come back later to purchase it, you’re still getting a sale as long as they returned.

You Can Use Signs to Your Advantage Regardless of Price

It’s obvious if there’s an item on sale, you want to draw attention to it as much as possible. A pedestal sign holder or another attention-grabbing display goes a long way in helping your items move fast. This works on full price items as well. If you draw attention to the quality of the item such as where it’s from, limited edition or note that it’s selling out fast, you’ll find customers are ready to purchase. Signs give them the added push they need to feel confident about buying what you have to offer.

Signs Can Work Anywhere in Your Store

Where you choose to use signage isn’t limited by an area. You can find everything from deli signage to a pedestal sign holder to help you draw attention to your items and make your sale. Customers will notice signs if they’re bright in color, easy to read, and interesting to look at. Don’t let space or lack thereof dictate what you can and cannot advertise in your store. If there’s a will, there’s a way, and there’s plenty of signage to help get your products noticed.

If you’re having a sale or trying to show customers what your specials are, it’s important to advertise in a variety of different areas to get the most from your sales. Signs come in many different sizes, making it easy to show people what’s for sale in your store. Even if something is full-price, you should still use signage anyway, since research shows it sells better with a sign that without. No matter what your store’s needs are, there’s a sign for just about every product and need.

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